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  1. Personalized Deluxe Baby Bootie-346452 Personalized Deluxe Baby Bootie-346452
    2 Options Available

  2. 349648

  3. 358582


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  4. 303515

  5. 358581

  6. 365416

  7. 358583


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  8. 375323


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  9. Door Sweep-310804 Door Sweep-310804
    2 Options Available


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  11. 372433

  12. 352254

  13. Personalized Baby Bootie-346453 Personalized Baby Bootie-346453
    4 Options Available

  14. 310115

  15. 372435

  16. Stretch Arm Rest Covers, Set of 2-367169 Stretch Arm Rest Covers, Set of 2-367169
    4 Options Available

  17. Floral Border Rug-345200 Floral Border Rug-345200
    20 Options Available

  18. 370732

  19. Toilet Seat Cover-303457 Toilet Seat Cover-303457
    5 Options Available

  20. Cotton Spa Collection Oversized 4 Piece Bath Towel Set-373585 Cotton Spa Collection Oversized 4 Piece Bath Towel Set-373585
    7 Options Available

  21. 374295

  22. 353982

  23. Laundry Cart Liner-310108 Laundry Cart Liner-310108
    2 Options Available

  24. 311731

  25. 317114

  26. 361730


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  28. 359222

  29. The Harlow Rocker Cushion Set by OakRidge™-372759 The Harlow Rocker Cushion Set by OakRidge™-372759
    3 Options Available

  30. Bradley Sherpa Recliner Protector-362641 Bradley Sherpa Recliner Protector-362641
    4 Options Available

  31. 303188


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  32. 371967

  33. Personalized Graduation Fleece Blanket, 50"x60"-374172 Personalized Graduation Fleece Blanket, 50"x60"-374172
    6 Options Available

  34. 303215

  35. Satin Pillowcase-345214 Satin Pillowcase-345214
    9 Options Available

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  37. 374864

  38. 349305

  39. 360444

  40. 375183


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Affordable Household Products

Walter Drake offers some of the best budget friendly home, bath and bedding items. Household gadgets to help you get the job done, while saving you time and money. Everything from convenient storage solutions to quick and easy cleaning tools. We've got great deals on products that will make your day-to-day routine easier.

The best part? The home, bathroom and bedding selections found on this page is offered to our customers at some of the deepest discounts you'll ever find. Shop home sale and find clearance galore on all your favorite Bed, Bath and household goods. Supplies are limited, so get them before they’re gone!

Home Clearance & Sale Items

Whatever your home décor style — modern, traditional, edgy or rustic — you’ll find a great selection of discount home items to choose from at Walter Drake. From stepstools and ladders to convenient glow-in-the-dark alarm clocks, rolling trolley tables, battery chargers, cleaning items and shelving, Walter Drake has the best discounted home and household items that are guaranteed to help your home as well as your pocket book.

Organization and Storage Clearance

When it comes to storage solutions, we have everything you need at unbeatable prices. Our home clearance selection has an array of storage totes and other home organization items on sale all year round. From Christmas storage containers to stackable storage and storage bins that easily slide under the bed. Make of the most of your storage space with so many great clearance storage and organization items to choose from.

Getting organized won't break the bank when you shop clearance storage containers at Walter Drake. Find cheap storage bin prices, while not settling for the cheap storage tote quality. We have clearance storage bins designed specifically for CD's, Vinyl records and even Magazines. Clearance storage totes for DVD's and cassettes can be hard to find, but you'll find those items and more storage totes on sale at Walter Drake.

Bathroom Sales and Bedding Sales

Whether you’re changing out that bedroom set you’ve had for ages or just looking to add to an existing space, the prices here in our bedding sale and bathroom sale can't be beat. Whatever your budget, you’re sure to find affordable bath storage solutions, toilet seat covers and other essentials you've been looking for.

If it's a cost saving spruce up to the bedroom, you can even find bedding collections, comforters, pillowcases and shams, mattress pads and toppers, pillows, flat sheets, blankets and more bedding basics . From twin sizes and full sizes to queen size bedding and king size comforters and accessories. There’s plenty of size and tons of savings in the bargain shopping space at Walter Drake.

Super Savings Goes Super Fast

Because our selection of sale household, bedding clearance and bathroom sale items is always changing, you’ll never see the same selection twice. See something you can’t live without? Buy it! At these prices our bed, bath and home sale products and gadgets won’t last long.

Brands You Can Trust

In our sale and discounted home, bath and bedding section, you’ll find fun, functional items that will make your house a tidy, organized and well-functioning home. We have the best discounted products from the brands you know and trust, including Spinmaid™, As Seen on TV, Bissell®, Oakridge™ and many more.

Walter Drake: Your Go-To Home Problem Solving Source

Since 1947, Walter Drake has been helping out the American home by providing the very best values and the most innovative home products, correspondence, organizational items and household gadgets. We’re your trusted source for the best in affordable home solutions. Want to see What’s New in Problem-Solving Home SolutionsHome Improvement, home décor, lighting, rugs as well as Organization and Storage? Check out our inventory of new home and household goodies. At Walter Drake, we have the products you can trust to help you make the most out of your day.

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