Bamboo Non Slip Runner 118"x23"



Our Bamboo Non-Slip Rug Runner will grace your hallways, rooms and other areas with the natural beauty of this versatile, lovely and environmentally friendly wood. Our non-slip runner rug is ideal for tile, laminate, concrete and other flooring that may be unpleasantly cold on your feet. Featuring a rubber backing that stays in place even as people walk across it, there is no need to add an additional rug grip. It also protects your high-traffic flooring from everyday wear and tear as a piece of functional décor.

Our bamboo runner instantly adds a warmth and a hominess to your space. Add it to your bedside to keep your slippers on so they’re ready, in front of a sofa or a bar or any other space where you want instant, easy style. This bamboo nonslip runner measures 118” long (approximately 10 feet) by 23” wide, which makes it a highly adaptable piece that can be added to many different areas. Shop this and other bamboo rug runner sizes and shapes at Walter Drake, your go-to for affordable home décor, problem solvers and unique products that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Water-resistant bamboo runner
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Nonslip rubber backing
  • 23" x 118"
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