Top Image Our Story - Walter Drake
Since 1947, Walter Drake’s singular vision has driven us to delight customers with unique and useful products.

Affordable Problem-Solvers and Unique Values for All Ages.

Today, Walter Drake is a leading direct marketer of affordable kitchenware, household products, problem solvers, personal care items, gardening and outdoor helpers, personalized gifts, calendars and stationery. The extensive line of products offered provides unique problem-solvers and specialized items for all ages to enjoy.

Mr. Walter Drake, a pioneer in direct mail, began operations in 1947 in Colorado Springs with a single novel idea. In his one-room office, he created a character named “Tommy Turtle,” advertised in magazines like House Beautiful and Harper’s Bazaar. Parents all over the country began signing their children up to receive personalized, upbeat pen pal letters and gifts from Tommy.

As America became a more mobile society during the 1950’s and 60’s, correspondence became a very popular pastime, and Mr. Drake gradually added convenience products including stationery and address labels. Staying true to its founder’s roots, Walter Drake soon began offering beautiful, heartfelt Christmas cards.

As the brand evolved, Walter Drake recognized the growing need for unique, affordable problem solvers throughout the home and began expanding its collection. Today, the brand offers hundreds of hard-to-find products designed to make everyday living easier. From beautiful bedding and functional furniture to quality-crafted kitchenware and easy-care table covers, each exclusive problem-solver is designed with customers is mind. 

Mr. Drake sought to inspire and delight his customers, a mission which still drives every decision we make. Now nestled on the banks of the Fox River in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Walter Drake is still providing unique products and unexpected values inspired by the vision of its founder.

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