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Explore new tastes and food combinations with cookbooks from Walter Drake. Find specialized recipe books for air fryer cooking, Crock Pot cooking and more, so you can learn to use a new kitchen appliance while creating delicious meals the whole family will enjoy. Our special selection of cookbooks are chosen with today’s home chefs in mind and feature simple, easy to follow recipes that use a variety of ingredients to keep dinnertime interesting. Find a new apple cobbler recipe or learn how to pressure cook meats from expert chefs.

Slow Cooker Cooking

Crock Pot, or slow cooker, cooking is a favorite for busy families, but finding recipes that work can be a challenge. Fortunately, Walter Drake has done the hard work for you and offers a selection of Crock Pot recipe books that are designed to take the work out of weeknight meals, even when you’re not available to stand over the stove. Choose a cookbook that focuses on simple meals with minimal ingredients or expand your horizons with The Complete Book of Slow Cooking.

A slow cooker cookbook will provide you with the best crockpot recipes and endless ideas for fuss-free weeknight meals. Pick your favorite recipes and let your Crock Pot do the cooking for you while you handle business. When it’s time to eat, take the lid off the slow cooker and enjoy a hot, home cooked meal that you can be proud of.

Air Fryers & Pressure Cookers

Slow cookers no longer have the market cornered when it comes to fuss-free family meals. Air fryers and electric pressure cookers are the new normal and more families are looking for healthy meal ideas that can be made in the hurry after work or school. If you have an air fryer or a pressure cooker, Walter Drake can help make the most of your small appliance with recipes designed specifically for these types of gadgets. Whether you’re looking for a quick weeknight meal or an air fryer cobbler recipe, our specialty cookbooks have you covered.

Expand your culinary horizons at Walter Drake by ordering a cookbook featuring your favorite small appliance. Enjoy new weeknight meal ideas and take the work out of figuring out dinner each night. Our cookbooks are less than takeout and with so many cookbooks to choose from, you won’t ever have to have a boring dinner again.

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