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As Seen on TV

We’ve all been inspired, motivated and excited to try an “As Seen on TV” product. These often-revolutionary, innovative and must-have products have changed the way we perform and engage in a whole host of tasks, including cooking, self-care, cleaning, gardening and sleeping. At Walter Drake, we have a fantastic selection of As Seen on TV products that offer clever, problem-solving solutions to some of your everyday dilemmas. Shop our wide variety of As Seen on TV products at great, low prices.

We offer dozens of products that have a multitude of uses, including the wildly popular As Seen on TV cooking items like Air Fryers, frying pans, grills and skillets. At Walter Drake, you’ll find Pet Cleaning Supplies, dog and cat accessories. You’ll also enjoy lifestyle, support and assistive devices such as grabbers, posture items, folding multi-angle canes, pedicure and foot care items.

Versatile As Seen on TV Products

Who says cleaning has to be a bore? We offer a great selection of As Seen on TV Cleaning Products that will change the way you scrub your floors and dust your baseboards. From beauty tools and weather readiness to sound amplifiers, Religious and Inspirational Books and Items and container storage, As Seen on TV products have been go-to solutions for millions of Americans — as well as people all over the world.

Walter Drake: Since 1947

Since 1947, Walter Drake has been Americans’ source for value products, seasonal items and problem-solving supplies that make their lives easier. Over the past seven decades, we’ve changed with the times: our products and inventory have always reflected the needs, the wants and the trends of the American people. We’re proud to offer these As Seen on TV products at great prices. We’re always searching for new, unique products, so stop back often to shop our As Seen on TV inventory.

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