Banana Storage Bag



The Banana Storage Bag from Walter Drake preserves ripe bananas, saves money and keeps your refrigerator tidy.

Keep bananas deliciously fresh and perfectly ripe in our bright yellow banana storage bag you stash in the fridge.

Eliminate the waste of bananas that get brown at room temperature on the counter while preserving their great taste and nutrition longer. Your family will go bananas for this cute and functional solution to rotting fruit that attracts bugs and wastes money.

Drawstring banana bags keep oxygen out, making it possible to enjoy ripe bananas for up to 2 weeks. 100% polyester banana bag easily wipes clean. Banana storage bag measures 14 3/4" long x 11" wide.

  • Banana keeper is 100% polyester
  • Banana bag keeps oxygen at bay, preserving bananas for up to two weeks
  • Drawstring closure
  • Measures 11 1/4" long x 15" wide
  • Wipe clean with damp cloth or sponge
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