Plug-In Portable Mini Heater By LivingSURE™


Make any space toasty with this Plug-In Portable Mini Heater. Simply plug in to any 3-prong wall outlet to enjoy quiet, warm comfort. Ultra-compact design runs silently and energy-efficiently while delivering 400-600W of power and a temperature range of 60-90ºF. Designed for all-around safety, this portable heater features overheat protection, UL® and CTL certification, and a programmable adjustable thermostat. Easy-to-use LED-display controls include temperature up/down, on/off with 60-second fan cooling feature, and 1-12 hour timer switch. The personal heaters' wall plug rotates 180º for convenient placement. Plug-in heater by LivingSURE™.
  • Ultra-compact design with LED display
  • Delivers 400-600W of power and a temperature range of 60-90ºF
  • Programmable, adjustable thermostat with 1-12 hour timer switch is easy to use
  • 3-Prong wall plug rotates 180º for convenient placement
  • By LivingSURE™
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