Bamboo Non Slip Runner 24 x 72



Natural accents are always in style and bamboo floor mats are a favorite among those who seek to add some peace and serenity to their indoor surroundings. A feng shui principle suggests that adding a natural mat to your front door, such as this bamboo mat from Walter Drake, will give you and your guests a boost of positive energy whenever your threshold is crossed. The neutral, natural color of this large 24" x 72" bamboo floor mat is a favorite with our customers because of its durability, its beauty and easy addition to just about any home's décor aesthetic.

Add a touch of bamboo mat accents to any room of your home with this high-quality bamboo mat. Many of our customers love these bamboo mats so much that they come back to purchase more for their friends and family. These bamboo mats make good gifts, thanks to their high-quality construction, non-slip backing, rich color and water resistance. A stylish nylon trim eliminates any sharp edges that can often be present in bamboo mats and provides additional durability to these mats' usage.

  • Environmentally friendly bamboo construction
  • Natural color
  • Nylon trim
  • Non-slip rubber backing
  • Water-resistant
  • Bamboo mat measures 24" x 72"
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