Bissell® Carpet Sweeper



Keep carpets and floors looking great without stress by using Bissell® carpet sweepers from Walter Drake. This cordless floor sweeper will replace both your broom and vacuum for daily chores. Cordless Bissell sweepers are made of metal with plastic trim and wheels to easily roll across any surface, picking up dirt, crumbs, pet hair and other debris as they go. The compact sweeper size and 42" long swivel handle make it easy to slide under sofas, coffee tables and dressers so you can remove every speck of a dry mess.

Clean up in seconds by grabbing your vintage floor sweeper from the closet. The Bissell carpet sweeper also works on hardwood, vinyl, laminate and concrete surfaces. Three different brush rollers and four edgers are built in that adapt to your cleaning project. Best of all, you don't need to plug it in or add batteries! Walter Drake has been carrying unique home cleaning solutions since 1947 that leave any room shining. Use the affordable Bissell sweeper for times when classic cleaning tools are best.

  • Vintage design
  • 11" long by 7 3/4" wide
  • Features hardworking brush rollers and edgers
  • 42" long handle
  • Sweeper head folds flat for storage
  • Metal construction with plastic trim and wheels
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