Daylight Floor Lamp


Our customers love this popular LED daylight floor lamp — so much so that many have purchased more than one!
Whether you need additional task lighting in your reading nook or you're looking to banish the blues with a daylight floor lamp, our LED sun lamp is a wonderful addition to any home. The winter months can sometimes be dark and dreary, so a daylight floor lamp is always a great idea to help elevate your mood and lift your spirit during those long, dark months. Our high-quality sun lamp is just the right height for all of your task-lighting needs, whether they are reading, putting together a puzzle, sewing, cross-stitch or playing board games with your children or grandchildren.
This LED daylight floor lamp provides 5,000 hours of clear, glare-free lighting. The included 27-watt bulb is equal to a 150-watt bulb and provides cool-burning, energy-saving lighting to any room of your home. The neutral color is perfect for any style and color of décor you may have and is easily incorporated into a wide range of designs.
  • This daylight floor lamp measures 60 1/2" high
  • 27-watt bulb (included) is equal to regular 150-watt bulb
  • Energy saving LED lighting
  • 5,000 hours of light
  • Glare-free light brightens mood and reduces eyestrain
  • UL-listed for safety
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