Laundry Cart


Make laundry duty a breeze with the help of this laundry cart with wheels from Walter Drake. This rolling cart features a machine-washable cotton bag that puts your clothing and linens within easy reach. Rather than lugging oversized laundry baskets or heavy bags around, simply push your laundry right up to the washer and dryer with this laundromat cart on wheels. This is a popular rolling laundry cart for elderly folks who might struggle to move their laundry from room to room or load and unload clothing from a basket on the floor.
Please note: Included off-white bag does not feature pockets as shown.
  • Measures 23" W x 18" L x 32" H with 1 3/4" wheels
  • Tubular metal frame
  • Comes with one heavyweight, pre-shrunk, machine-washable cotton bag in white
  • Replacement bags available in white or floral
  • Easy assembly required
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