Microfiber Energy Saving Curtains



Block out light and keep your home at a more comfortable, consistent temperature with the help of Walter Drake’s Microfiber Energy-Saving Curtains. These microfiber curtains from Walter Drake are made from a heavy-duty yet beautiful material and feature a unique foam lining that will help insulate against both cold air in winter as well as the sun's scorching, fading rays during the summer months. These curtains are great for bedrooms where you want to block out all light as well as any room in which you want to better control the indoor temperature. Have a drafty north-facing window? Add our lovely energy-saving curtain panels to control those drafts for a more comfortable room temperature. Trying to remedy the relentless heat from a southern-facing window? Our energy-efficient curtains are a quick and easy fix.

These energy-saving blackout curtains are sold as a set of two and there are two size options: 40” wide by 63” long OR 40” wide by 84” long. Choose from three rich colors: Beige, Burgundy or Navy Blue.

  • Set of two panels
  • Available in either 40" wide x 63" long OR 40" wide x 84" long
  • Available in burgundy, chocolate, slate blue, navy blue, beige or olive
  • 3" pole top accommodates most curtain rods
  • Machine wash cold, no bleach
  • Line dry
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