5 Piece Bath Set



You use your bathroom a lot, which means it should be cozy, safe and stylish. The Walter Drake 5-Piece Bathroom Set is all three. It contains all the must-have pieces you need for a powder room or medium-size bathroom: a nonskid bath rug, a contour toilet rug, a toilet lid cover, a tank cover and a tank lid cover. These rugs and covers fit most standard-sized bathroom fixtures (dimensions below) and are available in sblue or burgundy to complement your décor.

Every item in our 5-piece bath rug set is made of olefin, a synthetic fiber that's known for being strong yet cozy. It also holds color while resisting staining, mildew and other bathroom hazards. If your bath mats and covers do get dirty, simply toss them in the washing machine and dryer for a cycle — they'll be ready to work again! With this 5-piece rug and toilet cover set, you can redecorate the bathroom without spending a lot of money. Walter Drake has been providing affordable home and bathroom essentials since 1947 so you can enjoy a fresh new look.

  • Five-piece bathroom rug set
  • Includes five pieces: a wide bath rug, a contoured rug, a tank cover, a tank lid cover and a toilet lid cover
  • Soft olefin construction
  • Latex back
  • Machine wash
  • Imported
  • Available in burgundy and blue
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