Chair Cover, 33"L x 33"H x 27"W



Protect your cherished outdoor seating with the high-quality green deck chair covers from Walter Drake, meticulously designed to shield against the unpredictable whims of nature. These snug-fitting protective sheets are ingeniously crafted from polyethylene, ensuring complete resistance to a variety of elements including rain, harmful UV rays, windblown debris, and dirt. By enveloping your patio furniture in these weatherproof covers when not in use—whether during off-season storage or in anticipation of inclement weather—you're taking proactive steps to preserve their condition and extend their lifespan significantly.

Not only do our outdoor chair covers safeguard your investment against potential damage but they also eliminate the inconvenience associated with repeatedly moving furniture to sheltered areas. Measuring 33" long x 33" high x 27" wide, these versatile patio chair covers accommodate most standard outdoor chairs. For added security against gusty conditions, incorporate tie-down ropes or straps through the reinforced bottom rings—a simple yet effective strategy for keeping everything firmly in place.

Explore Walter Drake's extensive selection of outdoor furniture covers as part of our commitment to enhancing and protecting your open-air entertainment spaces since 1947. With unparalleled durability at an affordable price point coupled with unique design values—our offerings stand out as essential additions for anyone passionate about maintaining pristine exterior living environments year-round.

  • 33" long x 33" high x 27" wide
  • Made of reinforced weatherproof polyethylene
  • Slip-on design
  • Tie-downs not included
  • Imported
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