Chair Cover, 33"L x 33"H x 27"W



Give your favorite place to sit the best protection with green deck chair covers from Walter Drake. These form-fitting tarps are crafted from polyethylene that's completely weatherproof. Completely block rain, UV rays, wind, dirt and other elements that could harm your patio furniture. By covering chairs when you're away, over the winter if a storm is coming, you'll keep them in great shape for years. You'll also save the hassle if constantly having to move furniture in and out of protected spaces.

Our affordable patio chair covers are an easy way to shield expensive furniture from potential damage. The 33" long x 33" high x 27" wide shape fits most common outdoor chairs. Add some tie-down ropes or straps to the reinforced bottom rings to make sure it stays put. Walter Drake has many other outdoor furniture covers to protect your entire outdoor entertaining space. We've been a leader in outdoor décor and protection since 1947 with unique values at great prices.

  • 33" long x 33" high x 27" wide
  • Made of reinforced weatherproof polyethylene
  • Slip-on design
  • Tie-downs not included
  • Imported
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