Garden Tool Organizer



People who work on their gardens and lawns a lot also have a lot of tools. The Walter Drake Garden Tool Organizer is an affordable way to arrange those implements without taking up a lot of space. It has more than two dozen storage slots in various sizes and shapes for holding weed removers, rakes, shears, snow shovels, pruning saws and many other tools. Matching slots on the top and bottom rack help hold the handles firmly in place. You'll have a lot more wall and floor space without having to worry about the rack tipping over.

Our freestanding yard tool storage rack can be placed anywhere that's most convenient for you. Keep tools in a shed, storage tent, garage or basement. You can also set the rack directly on the porch. It's made of lightweight heavy-duty plastic that won't rust. The pieces quickly snap together so it will be ready in minutes. Keep a lot of tools in a little space by using this convenient indoor/outdoor slotted tool rack. We've been a home gardening leader since 1947 with the right supplies for any landscaper.

  • Heavy-duty plastic
  • 23" L x 12 1/2" W x 24 1/4" H
  • Easy assembly
  • Multiple storage slots
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