Garden Hands™ Set of 2



Ever wish you had bigger hands when picking up the yard after raking? Now you can. Jumbo garden rake hands are a simple but efficient way to cut your clean-up time in half. The forked hands on these large leaf pick-up tools are like holding two rake-heads without having to deal with the long poles. Slide your hands in the adjustable handles and use your giant leaf claws to grab up leaves, fresh-cut grass, twigs and other debris. They'll also keep your hands clean and protect them from twig scratches or bug bites.

Take care of your yard from spring through fall with a set of adjustable rake hands from Walter Drake. They're made of durable plastics in a dark green color that won't rust or corrode. The forked design also allows moisture to drain so you can comfortably pick up after a storm. You'll have a clean yard fast and your hands will feel great. Make them an essential part of your garden tool closet at a low price. We offer unique values on practical merchandise for gardeners everywhere.

  • Adjustable handles
  • Forked scoops
  • Your hands stay clean and protected
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Set of 2, Each 14" W x 11" L
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