Home & Gutter Flusher



Worried about damaging your house while you try to clean it? The Walter Drake Home & Gutter Flusher is a unique solution. This cane-shaped adjustable hose attachment cleaner has a hooked top at the perfect angle for spraying leaves, dirt, twigs, pine needles and other debris out of gutters and downspouts. It attaches to a standard 5/8" garden hose for instant use. The height of this gutter cleaning tool can be set anywhere between 48" and 86" so you don't need a ladder to reach the highest gutters.

A gutter flusher can also be used for other home maintenance. The downward spray is ideal for cleaning siding, roofs and RVs. The angle prevents a high-pressure direct spray so you won't cause scratches, dents or tears. It's made from a combination of plastic and brass that are durable yet easy to handle. Padded hand grips make reaching up more comfortable. Use our gutter and siding cleaner as a safe and simple alternative to brushes and rags. Shop at Walter Drake for affordable home problem-solvers that help you do better and smarter maintenance.

  • Safe Option to Clean Gutters – Rather than climbing a ladder to wash out gutters, extend the garden hose wand extension arm to its maximum 86 inches of length and aim the water into the gutter while standing on the ground
  • Fits Standard Garden Hoses – The coupler on the gutter cleaning tool will easily fit standard sized garden hoses of 5/8 inches diameter
  • Hook Shaped End – To make it easier to aim water over the lip of the gutter, the end of our spray wand has a hook shape
  • Durable Design – Our super blaster wand will last longer than other gutter cleaners from the ground, as our model consists of durable brass and plastic
  • Extendable Length – The gutter spray wand has an adjustable length between 48 and 86 inches in length, so you can use it at the most comfortable length
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