Telescopic Gutter Brush



Removing debris from your home's drainage gutters doesn't need to be a challenge. With this telescopic brush for cleaning your gutters, you can safely prevent clogging and water damage. Our gutter brushes have an extendable aluminum pole with a heavy-duty yellow brush on the end. Simply reach up into the gutter and sweep out dirt, leaves, twigs, rocks, stray toys and other items stopping water flow. The pole can be shrunk to less than 36" or extended to 74" — more than six feet — to comfortably reach any outdoor gutter. The brush also flexes and swivels for maximum efficiency.

An adjustable gutter brush is one the simplest but most important household problem solvers. No longer will you need to drag out a stepladder or balance on a stool in other to reach into your gutters. Telescopic gutter brushes are easy to extend for use and collapse for storage. They can also be used for other tasks such as removing cobwebs from garages or knocking a Frisbee out of a tree. We have very reasonable prices and simple returns if you're not satisfied, so order your gutter brush today from Walter Drake!

  • Telescopic gutter brush cleaner
  • Aluminum construction
  • Angled brush is ideal for removing leaves, debris and twigs from your gutters, reducing the chances of roof leaks, water damage and other problems
  • Measures approximately 6 1/2" wide x 74" long
  • Collapses to less than 36"
  • Efficiently removes debris from gutters
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