No-Slip Ice Carpet


It's no secret that winter causes some of the most dangerous slip-and-fall risk conditions of the year. There are ways to mitigate these dangers and reduce your fall, injury and broken bone risk — even if you're not able to shovel your own steps or walkways. If you've been looking for the best rug to protect against ice at your outside door or have been wondering what to put on your outside steps to prevent slipping, you've come to the right place. With our no-slip ice carpets, you'll get instant traction on snowy steps and slippery sideways with little effort. Just lay these specially made carpets down over stairs, walkways and other slippery surfaces and experience immediate traction.
Wondering what is an ice carpet? These innovative no-slip ice carpets are made with natural coconut fiber with a latex rubber coating, which creates a non-slip surface that grips both the slippery ground below this ice carpet, as well as the shoes of the individual walking on top of the ice carpet runner. This 10' ice carpet runner comes in two sizes, narrow and wide, and creates a long walkable area that provides you with peace of mind during the snowy and icy winter months.
  • No-Slip Ice Carpet
  • Made from coconut fibers soaked in latex rubber
  • Lay over ice and snow
  • Great for sidewalks, stairs and entry ways
  • Available in 2 sizes: Narrow (10' long x 18" wide) or Wide (10' long x 30" wide)
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