Table Cover Oval, 108"L x 30"H x 84"W



Our Oval Outdoor Table Cover is a must-have to reduce the wear and tear on outdoor patio furniture. This durable, weatherproof oval tablecloth cover shields your patio table from rain, wind, dirt, snow and harmful UV rays and will protect your investment, season after season. This oval table cover is crafted from reinforced polyethylene for long-lasting performance that you’ll rely upon for a long time. Easy to use, our form-fitting cover slips on for stay-put protection. For additional protection, tie down straps (not included) can be added. This protective oval tablecloth cover measures 108" long x 30" high x 84" wide.

Trust Walter Drake for all your outdoor patio furniture cover needs! Since 1947, we’ve been a go-to for customers looking for innovative, high-quality products at great prices.

  • Durable, weatherproof cover protects your investment, season after season
  • Crafted of reinforced polyethylene
  • Form-fitting slip on for stay-put protection
  • Tie down straps not included
  • 108" long x 30" high x 84" wide
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