Corner Garden Tool Rack



Passionate gardeners and landscapers have a lot of tools that can fill up a garage, greenhouse or storage shed fast. The 18-Slot Corner Garden Tool Organizer and Storage Rack from Walter Drake is a space-saving solution that will help you organize your gardening implements. Instead of setting aside an entire wall to hang or lean tools on, simply set this gardening tool stand in the corner. It has 18 slots of various sizes and shapes to hold rakes, hoes, trimmers, pruning shears, trowels and everything else you use to make your property gorgeous.

Our slotted tool storage rack can be set in a shed, on the porch or even in the garden itself for outdoor tool storage. It’s guaranteed to provide you with easy, convenient access to whatever tool you need. Made of lightweight durable plastic that doesn’t rust, our garden tool organizer is a dark green to fit right into your space.

In addition to saving space, it also reduces the chance of tools tumbling over. This can extend the life of your gardening equipment. For additional security, hardware is included so you can mount it to your wall.

You'll be amazed how much easier it is to get things done when you have a corner garden tool rack. Trust Walter Drake for unique solutions to all your landscaping needs.

Easy to use and simple to assemble, this slotted garden tool storage rack organizer measures 23” wide x 23 ½” high x 15” deep to fit into tight corners with ease.

  • Uses wasted space to hold tools upright
  • Assembles easily to 23" W x 23 1/2" H x 15" D
  • Slotted plastic
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