Pouring Pitcher Funnel



Get more batter into your kitchen creations and less on the counter with this funnel pouring pitcher. The long, narrow spout lets you pour a variety of liquids drip-free. Many bakers use our funnel dispensers for pouring batter into muffin and cake pans, making pancakes on the griddle or filling up their waffle maker. No messy drips or sizzling overruns means less clean-up, lower risk of burns and more tasty treats to go around. The pitcher holds nearly a quart of your preferred batter, which is more than enough for a single muffin pan.

There are many other uses for a funnel batter dispenser. Cover your pancakes with syrup, serve dressings and gravies at dinner, create an icing drizzle on cakes or water plants in small pots with precision pouring. The translucent plastic and measuring marks on each side make it easy to pour a specific amount and get your recipes just right. Order one for your busy kitchen or give the perfect gift to someone who loves cooking and hates messes. We're here to help you bake smarter with affordable prices on unique kitchenware.

  • Long spout
  • 30-oz. pouring pitcher
  • Dispenser is plastic
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Measures 9" long x 4 3/8" wide x 5" high
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