Watkins 11 oz Almond Extract



Watkins flavoring has been a must-have kitchen staple for over 150 years. This 11-ounce bottle of Watkins Almond Extract adds a tasty, nutty and complex flavor to your recipes. Whether you’re whipping up a white cake with almond-flavored frosting or baking your family’s favorite biscotti for Sunday brunch, you can’t go wrong with Watkins extracts.

One-hundred percent pure, non-GMO, gluten free with no artificial flavors or colors added, Watkins Almond Extract is a product you can feel good about using in your recipes and desserts. Made with only three ingredients — water, alcohol and bitter almond — this Watkins flavoring is made in the USA and from premium ingredients. Shop this and other Watkins extracts at Walter Drake, your go-to for unique and hard-to-find kitchen gadgets, food prep items and much more!

  • For the best baking results, use the best quality extracts. Pure, high-quality Watkins® 11 oz. Almond Extract adds rich, nutty flavor perfect for baking cookies and breads, flavoring smoothies and drinks, and more
  • Made to the same strict quality standards since 1868, this all-natural Watkins extract contains just 3 ingredients: water, alcohol and oil of bitter almond
  • Kosher, non-GMO Watkins almond extract is free of gluten, corn syrup, and artificial colors and flavors
  • 11 oz.
  • Made in USA
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