Necco® Banana Split Chews 10.5 oz., Set of 3



Like the penny candy you loved as a child, these soft, individually wrapped Necco® Banana Split Chews candies have that great banana flavor only Necco can create. This set of 3 bags of old-fashioned banana candies taste just like a real banana split—each bite will take you back to that corner candy store you frequented in those carefree days as a kid.

Banana taffy candies are soft and chewy, just like you remember them! Enjoy these bite-sized banana-flavored treats with family and friends—keep them in your candy dishes and help yourself to this treat throughout your day. This nostalgic banana candy is simply scrumptious, a the value set of 3 ensures there's plenty to go around.

Shop Necco® Banana Split Chews bite-sized banana candy at Walter Drake, as well as many of your other favorite nostalgic candies you enjoyed as a child. Satisfy your sweet tooth with yummy banana candy from Walter Drake! Each bag holds 10.5 oz.

  • Soft, chewy banana-flavored taffy candies
  • Bite-sized banana-flavored squares
  • Individually wrapped
  • Set of 3 bags, each 10.5 oz.
  • Approx. 7 servings in each bag
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