14 Day Pill Holder



Never let a missed medication disrupt your routine again with the innovative 14-day pill holder from Walter Drake. This meticulously designed daily pillbox not only organizes your medications for two full weeks but also categorizes them into specific times of the day: morning, noon, evening, and bedtime. Each plastic compartment is securely nestled under durable vinyl sleeves—providing both stability within the case and the flexibility to remove individual sets for on-the-go convenience.

Elevating practicality with its aesthetic appeal, this pill organizer comes in four chic colors and prints. Its fabric exterior lends it an elegant appearance akin to that of a sophisticated planner or sizeable wallet, making it a discreet yet stylish accessory for managing your health regimen. The case features a robust metal snap closure ensuring that your pills remain safe and contained during travels or daily movements.

As a versatile solution catering to comprehensive medication management needs—the attractive case stands as more than just a utility item; it's an essential companion facilitating wellness with elegance. Whether you're at home or traveling, this 2 week pill organizer streamlines keeping track of various doses throughout the day while blending seamlessly into your lifestyle accessories collection—a testament to thoughtfully combined functionality and design in one compact pill case.

  • Peace of Mind Design – Convenient pill organizer makes managing medications, supplements, vitamins and other prescriptions simple and stress-free, organization system is ideal for caregivers, senior citizens, post-op patients and active individuals on-the-go
  • 14 Day Capacity – Time-of-day compartments make pill management simple and precise, organize dosages 2 weeks in advance – each day includes Morning, Evening, Noon and Bedtime sections
  • Detachable Compartments – Removable, plastic compartments fit securely beneath vinyl sleeves, each of the 14 trays slide in and out of the case for simple loading and retrieval of medications
  • Stylish Anonymity – Attractive, durable case provides added discretion while making a fashion statement, this 2-week organizer helps assure you won’t miss a dose regardless of your activities
  • Compact Case – Take-anywhere organizer features a snap-button closure and easily fits in your purse or a small travel bag, 14 Day Pill Holder measures 7 ½” long x 4 ¾” wide x 1 7/8” high and opens to 11” wide. Each compartment is 7/8” x 3/4”.
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