3' Burgundy & Gold Victorian Pull-Up Tree by Holiday Peak™



Shorten holiday decorating times while enjoying the same beauty and splendor with this Victorian pop-up Christmas tree designed by Holiday Peak™. The lifelike evergreen branches and assorted ornaments are perfect for a traditional home, adding warmth and ambience to living spaces. It arrives in the box lying flat; after setting the tree in the plastic stand, pull your 36" tall classic Christmas tree up to its full height. Plug the attached cord into a wall outlet and the 35 incandescent lights will shine into the night. Other decorations include red Christmas balls, white flowers, gold pinecones and a magnificent burgundy and gold ribbon.

A pre-decorated faux Christmas tree is a wondrous centerpiece for display tables, large mantels, entryways and apartment living rooms. It's large enough to make a statement while fitting inside smaller homes without a hitch. When the season regretfully passes, simply push the tree back down again for storage. A Victorian pull-up Christmas tree is one of many holiday trees, ornaments and other merchandise available at Walter Drake to inspire good cheer year after year.

  • Made of PVC/metal/wire
  • Decorations include: 35 UL®-listed incandescent lights, 20 assorted ornaments, 1 bow topper with plastic stand and 10 1/2" long ribbon
  • Ready for display in seconds
  • Perfect for a display table, entryway or any small space
  • 36" high x 16" diameter overall
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