4-in-1 Solar Powered Bird Bath


This 4-in-1 solar bird bath also includes a bird feeder, planter and solar light — making it easy to care for your feathered friends and beautify your landscape, day and night! The perfect space for birds to cool off, grab a bite to eat and enjoy your pretty flowers, the 3-ft. high structure is topped with a solar powered lantern that automatically glows at sundown. The 4-in-1 bird bath water feature is constructed of weatherproof polypropylene and features an antique bronze finish to complement any garden or patio. Decorating your yard while attracting birds to your garden, this all-in-one outdoor accent provides a nighttime bonus of soft landscape lighting … illuminating without cords, wires or costly electricity. Easy assembly; includes on-board solar panel and rechargeable battery. Measures 16 7/8" L x 16 7/8" W x 37 3/8" H.
  • Bird bath also includes a bird feeder, planter and solar light
  • Solar powered lantern automatically glows at sundown
  • Constructed of weatherproof polypropylene
  • Illuminates without cords, wires or costly electricity
  • Easy assembly
  • Measures 16 7/8" long x 16 7/8" wide x 37 3/8" high
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