6' Color-Changing Pencil Tree Holiday Peak™ XL


Small space? No problem! With its narrow diameter, our 6’ Color-Changing Pencil Tree by Holiday Peak™ is the perfect holiday accent that will fit nicely into a corner, an entryway or any other snug space. It features 200 energy-efficient LED lights that have nine beautiful, color-changing modes, from slow to fast-flashing options. In addition to multicolor bulbs, the tree also features warm white bulbs.With a quick push of a button, you can add stunning drama to your Christmas décor. This color-changing pencil tree is easy to assemble and to collapse. Just add your favorite personalized Christmas ornaments from Walter Drake and get ready for the holiday festivities to begin! When shopping for pre-lit Christmas trees, don’t forget your Christmas tree storage bags to help you stay organized.
  • 72” tall x 24” diameter at the fullest point
  • 76" cord
  • UL®-listed LED lights include both warm white and multicolor bulbs
  • Nine color-changing modes
  • Metal stand is included
  • PVC, plastic, polyester and copper construction
  • Color-changing pencil tree made by Holiday Peak
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