9-Inch Two-Tier Sliding Storage Drawers



Organize pantry cabinets, closets, bathroom storage area and more with these portable 2-tier sliding shelves. The tiered frame's two basket drawers offer sturdy storage, at-a-glance viewing and quick, sliding access to contents. Both 9" sliding shelves are easily removable for cleaning, restocking, reorganizing or transporting. This white sliding storage drawer set is made of durable plastic with non-skid feet for secure placement. Assemble it easily without tools and load it with an assortment of items that you don't want getting knocked around and cluttered up in a traditional drawer.

Our space-saving closet organizer is great for storing and organizing spices, toiletries, cleaning supplies, office supplies and more. Set your sturdy sliding storage shelves in cabinets, on countertops and desks or underneath sinks. It stands 15" long x 9" wide x 14 1/2" high, fitting in most common household areas. There is plenty of space between the top and bottom drawers so you can store bottles and other tall items. Read the Walter Drake sliding storage drawer reviews to see other uses for these unique shelves. We have affordable prices on practical home merchandise for yourself or your friends.

  • Portable 2-tier sliding shelves
  • 2 basket drawers are easily removable
  • Assembles easily without tools
  • Durable white plastic with non-skid feet
  • 15" long x 9" wide x 14 1/2" high
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