All-Weather Purple Hydrangea Bush by OakRidge™



Setting up brilliant floral decorations and displays doesn't mean needing weeks to plant, water and maintain your blossoms. Fake hydrangeas from OakRidge™ Outdoor and Walter Drake have real charm and allure without the hard work. These light purple hydrangeas are made of silky polyester with a plastic base. The combination produces a lush, authentic look and feel for indoor or outdoor use. Our artificial hydrangea bushes are 18" high with 9 springs and blossoms. Group multiple bushes for a fuller presentation or use single bushes to accent other arrangements.

Whether as the primary focus or to fill gaps, all-weather faux hydrangeas provide a royal, spring-like sense of renewal every day of the year. Plant them in pots or directly into the ground for everyday landscaping, weddings, graduation parties, DIY floral projects, memorials and much more. They're also a great indoor decoration to keep spirits up even when it's raining or snowing outside. And at our prices, it doesn't cost a lot to own high-quality faux flowers you can use again and again. Trust Walter Drake for the best purple artificial hydrangeas and other unique home décor solutions.

  • Approximately 18" H
  • 9 sprigs and 9 blossoms
  • Polyester with plastic base
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