All-Weather Purple Petunia Bush by OakRidge™



With artificial purple petunia bushes from OakRidge™ Outdoor and Walter Drake, you can experience all of a petunia's beauty with almost none of the hassle. The petunia is one of the world's most popular annual flowers — but our fake wave petunias provide lush, lifelike allure year-round. Vibrant purple blooms and realistic green leaves are made of a silky polyester for a realistic look and texture. They're attached to a plastic base stem that can be "planted" in a pot, hanging basket or right in the ground. The all-weather materials resist damage from rain, and sun — and they don't require either to stay in bloom.

Maintenance-free faux petunia bushes can be part of any indoor or outdoor display. Increase your seasonal curb appeal with garden and walkway accents, create an elegant dining table centerpiece or set up flowers for special occasions such as birthdays, holiday parties, graduations and weddings. Each 18" tall petunia bush has nine sprigs and blossoms, and if you need a fuller appearance, you can group them. Our great prices let everyone stock up on the silk purple petunias they need. Add a few bushes to your spread today!

  • Approximately 18" H
  • 9 sprigs and 9 blossoms
  • Polyester blooms with plastic base
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