All-Weather Red Geranium Bush by OakRidge™



Enjoy geraniums all year long, not just in the summertime, with our Artificial Red Geranium Flower Bush. This exclusive Walter Drake item from OakRidge® can be added to vases and pots within your home. And thanks to their all-weather polyester construction, you can also “plant” them in your outdoor flower beds. Geranium care can be fickle — but not with these artificial geraniums from Walter Drake. Faux flowers are an easy alterative to blooms that require constant upkeep and attention, which makes them excellent flowers for bad gardeners.

Each geranium shrub features multiple flower clusters within the bouquet and is wonderfully full and lush. Enjoy nine wire and plastic sprigs along with nine blossoms that are sure to delight you and your family. These artificial flowers can be used alone or added to other bouquets, making them an incredibly versatile addition to your home and garden décor. Enjoy beautiful red geranium flowers throughout every season with Walter Drake, where you’ll find affordable accents and unique problem solvers that make your life better.

  • Polyester flowers have a plastic base
  • Multiple flower clusters in each bouquet add fullness
  • Includes nine sprigs and nine blossoms
  • Use alone or as part of a larger, multi-flower display
  • Long-lasting
  • stays beautiful for seasons
  • For indoor or outdoor use
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