Ambrose Collection Bathroom Cabinet by OakRidge™ XL



Introducing the Ambrose Collection Bathroom Cabinet by OakRidge™, a perfect fusion of elegance and functionality, now available at Walter Drake. This exquisite piece elevates bathroom storage with its sturdy construction and timeless design, featuring classic white wainscot paneling that seamlessly complements any decor style. The cabinet is equipped with four drawers adorned with cutout handles for effortless access, alongside a spacious main compartment housing an adjustable shelf to accommodate items of varying sizes.

Transform your bathroom into a haven of organization where every product has its place—from makeup and haircare essentials to toilet paper rolls and feminine hygiene products. The cabinet's generous top surface offers dual utility; it serves as an idyllic stage for decorative accents or acts as additional counter space tailored for styling tools, skincare regimes, cosmetics, and more.

While primarily designed to enhance bathroom aesthetics and utility, the versatility of this OakRidge™ creation extends beyond. It integrates smoothly into various rooms within your home such as living areas, kitchens—even making itself invaluable in home offices—thus redefining multi-functional furniture solutions.

Embrace this opportunity to infuse sophisticated storage solutions into your living spaces with the Ambrose Collection Bathroom Storage Cabinet—an embodiment of practical beauty awaiting to transform cluttered areas into organized sanctuaries.

  • Stylish Storage – Get plenty of space to stash your essentials with this chic cabinet by OakRidge.
  • Convenient Cubbies – Use the four drawers and tall cabinet with an adjustable shelf to keep everything conveniently organized.
  • Not Just for Bathrooms – While this cabinet works well next to a sink or shower, it’s also handy for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and more.
  • Dynamic Design – The beautiful wainscot style complements any look, including classic and contemporary décor.
  • Easy Assembly – Hardware and instructions are included to make setup a breeze.
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