Anti-Fog Protective Face Shield with Glasses



Care for yourself in any environment by wearing a high-quality face shield covering that reduces the risk of spreading germs. This Anti-Fog Protective Face Shield with Glasses covers your face from eyebrows to chin, shielding the areas that are most vulnerable to virus and bacteria transmission. Saliva, droplets and sneezes are blocked by this protective face shield before they reach your face. If you cough or sneeze, the face covering will help stop the droplets from spreading to others.

Put on this personal sneeze guard whenever you're somewhere that requires or recommends a facial covering. Our professional-quality clear plastic safety face shield fits comfortably on the head using an acrylic glasses frame that's worn just like normal reading glasses or sunglasses. A pair of regular eyeglasses will fit easily underneath the full face shield. The anti-fog lens is made of highly breathable lightweight PET plastic that has an anti-static coating to help prevent fogging. This clear face shield can be disinfected and reused multiple times. One size fits most men and women for comfortable germ protection.

Protect yourself at appointments, working, cleaning, shopping, cooking and more with this anti-fog shield. Tuck a plastic face shield in your car, your purse and anywhere else you want to protect yourself. This covering style is officially recommended by the CDC and is available from Walter Drake at a low price. We are your one-stop-shop for daily living and wellness aids that take care of you and everyone around you.

This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Help protect your face from saliva, sneezes and bacteria
  • Lightweight plastic face shield
  • Anti-fog designed features anti-static coating
  • Eyeglasses fit underneath face shield glasses frames
  • One size fits most
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