Anti-Fog Protective Face Shield with Headband



Take care of your health and that of others by wearing a full face shield isolation mask when you go out. This Walter Drake Anti-Fog Protective Face Shield with Headband helps protect your eyes, nose and mouth from other people's saliva, droplets and sneezes. It also reduces transmission if you happen to cough or sneeze. Our protective face shield covers the whole face, from chin to eyebrows, to safeguard areas vulnerable to virus and bacteria transmission.

Owning an anti-fog face shield is a must if you work in health services or frequent areas that require facial coverings. This professional quality clear plastic safety face shield fits on the head like a visor. The adjustable elastic headband and comfortable sponge cushion on the forehead allow for a perfect fit. It's made of lightweight, highly breathable PET plastic with a transparent lens; an anti-static coating prevents fogging due to breathing or cold temperature. This full face shield can be reused multiple times if disinfected after each use. Our one-size face shield visor fits most men and women to help provide germ protection.

Be health-conscious at all times by wearing a protective full face shield. It provides perfect safe protection for appointments, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, working, socializing and more. Keep one at home, in your car, on job sites and anywhere else you need to protect your health. You can afford to do so at our low everyday prices. Walter Drake has health essentials and unique finds for everyone who is looking for practical solutions.

This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Help protect your face from saliva, sneezes and bacteria
  • Lightweight plastic face shield
  • Anti-fog designed features anti-static coating
  • Adjustable headband shield with a forehead cushion
  • One size fits most
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