Appliance Mats, Set of 3 By Chef's Pride™


Keep countertops clean and looking like new with Appliance Mats. Perfect for under your coffee maker, air fryer, slow cooker, and other small appliances, these kitchen mats protect countertops from stains and heat. And they double as sliders, helping you effortlessly move items in any direction without scratching surfaces. 16" L x 12" W countertop mats also make great oversized mouse pads or placemats. 70% polyester/30% rubber. Reusable trivets mats are machine washable. By Chef's Pride™.
  • 70% polyester/30% rubber overall
  • Set of 3, each 16" long x 12" wide
  • Protects countertops from stains and heat
  • Each doubles as a slider to effortlessly move small appliances
  • Machine wash
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