Artificial Tree Storage Bag


Holiday and Christmas décor storage and organization is always a particular challenge. Finding Christmas ornament and artificial tree storage solutions that won't break the bank and are durable and effective can also be challenging, which is why we offer these artificial Christmas tree bags at great prices all year long. Our artificial tree storage bags offer fantastic, roomy storage for your disassembled Christmas tree — up to 9' in height — keeping all of the parts, branches and equipment in one convenient place until it is needed again the following year.
This artificial tree storage bag is constructed from tough polypropylene and will last you for many, many Christmas and holiday seasons — likely longer than your artificial tree itself! Our artificial Christmas tree bag features a heavy-duty zipper for additional security and has convenient drop handles for easy access and carrying. Tuck this artificial tree storage bag in a closet, in an attic or in a garage. Wherever your artificial tree is stored, this storage bag will keep your artificial tree free from dust, dirt and other allergens.
  • Artificial Tree Poly Storage Bag
  • Holds trees up to 9' tall (disassembled)
  • Heavy-duty zipper
  • convenient drop handles
  • Bag measures 56" long x 28 1/2" wide
  • zipper is 49 1/2" long
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