Backrest Pillow



Sit back and relax! This ultra-comfortable backrest pillow provides firm support where you want it most. A pillow with arms is great for reading in bed, watching TV, knitting or lounging! It provides support that prevents you from sinking into the back of an older couch or leaning against the wall when you're on a bed. Your back will thank you by allowing you to enjoy your hobbies pain-free.

Our pillow backrest is filled with dense foam that doesn't lose its shape. It's the perfect combination of soft and supportive so you'll be cozy for hours on end. The bed rest pillow with arms is made of faux suede polyester and features a fabric loop on top for easy carrying. It measures 31" wide x 14" deep x 20" high for use by kids or adults. We offer several colors to go with your décor. Spot clean only for years of gorgeous support. Trust Walter Drake for your home needs with functional bedding and cushioning that makes your days more comfortable.

  • Backrest Pillow with Firm Support Arms, 20” x 31” x 14” – Faux Suede Polyester with Dense Foam Interior for Proper Back Support, Size Fits Adults or Children
  • Multiple Use Pillow – Whether you’re watching TV, reading a book or just lounging on the floor, you’ll receive the back support you need with our pillow
  • Comfortable Filling – The dense foam inside the backrest pillow will provide a good level of support for the back when you’re leaning against the pillow
  • Rich Color Fabric – You’ll love the support arms pillow, as this fabric matches a lot of color schemes
  • Carrying Loop – The top of the pillow has a fabric loop that makes it easier to carry the back-support pillow to any location
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