Bar Soap Savers, Set of 2


Extend the life of your favorite bar of soap with these Bar Soap Savers—no more losing small soap pieces down the drain. These soft and durable mesh pouches hold soap pieces securely inside, reducing wasted soap. The mesh creates a rich lather as you scrub and gently exfoliate skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalized. The handy drawstring keeps the bar secure and allows the pouch to hang for easy drying. Bar soap holder fits most soap sizes. Made of PE, polyester and PP. Set of 2 includes 1 green and 1 white. Each 6 1/3" L x 2" W.
  • Soap saver pouches help reduces soap waste
  • Made of PE, polyester and PP
  • Set of 2 includes 1 green and 1 white
  • Each measures 6 1/3" long x 2" wide
  • Drawstring opening hold soap pieces securely inside
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