Begonia Bush by OakRidge™



Order faux begonias from Walter Drake and keep your neighbors guessing with their lush, lifelike beauty. This silk begonia bush by OakRidge™ blooms in sunshine or shade and requires no work or watering — ever! Designed for use both indoors and outdoors, these lifelike begonias lend brilliant charm to your front porch, walkway, patio, garden and home. They're a long-lasting way to decorate for everyday displays as well as birthdays, holiday parties, weddings, gravesites, anniversaries and much more.

Each lifelike artificial 10" begonia plant features lush, hearty leaves with full, realistic flowers boasting natural color variations. They're crafted from silky polyester, plastic and wire for durability. These brilliant pink begonias (also available in red or yellow) offer a natural texture and add instant beauty. Grouping multiple bushes together creates a fuller appearance for larger displays. Enjoy enduring beauty from these forever-in-bloom faux begonia bushes that delight all ages.

Note: We've shown 3 bushes per pot; pot is not included.

  • Artificial begonia plants are available in coral, yellow or pink
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Polyester construction with plastic and wire
  • 10" long
  • Realistic looking faux begonia flowers have natural accenting color flushes on each individual flower
  • Textured green leaves
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