Block Personalized Roll Address Labels, Set of 200


These Block Personalized Roll Address Labels from Walter Drake make it easier than ever to send letters, cards and packages. Simply peel and stick these mailing labels to add your name and address. In addition to applying these labels to mailed items, you can use your custom return address label roll to quickly fill out applications and forms or label your collection of CDs, DVDs and books.
Each label measures 2" x 3/4" and features an easy-to-read block print in all capital letters. You'll receive the address labels on a roll that makes them easy to stash in a drawer between uses.
  • Set of 200 labels
  • Choice of four colors: clear, gold, rainbow or white
  • Customizable design (up to 4 lines with 30 characters each)
  • Comes in a single roll
  • Labels measure 2" x 3/4" each
  • Self-stick design
  • Block print
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