Bookmark Reading Lamp


This ultra-thin, flexible device is the ideal pairing of a reading light and a bookmark. Clipped onto a book, this bookmark reading light holds your place when you take a break. Then when you need a light for reading in bed, on a plane, or elsewhere ... just switch it on. Light’s super flexible body lets you adjust its LED beam to any angle and direct illumination where needed. You can also bend this book mark light into a curve for standup desktop use, open it easel style, or extend the center section to keep pages in place. TPR and ABS. 8” L x 1 1/2’ W. Requires 2 button batteries.
  • Ultra-thin and flexible device
  • Functions as an LED reading light and a bookmark
  • TPR and ABS
  • 8” L x 1 1/2’ W
  • Requires 2 button batteries
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