Border Non-Slip Bath Rugs, Set of 2 by OakRidge™


Go for bold in the bath with these Border Non-Slip Bath Rugs! Each bathroom rug features a striated center framed within both a white and a solid border. Beyond good looks, you'll love how these plush, absorbent rugs insulate feet from cold, hard floors, and how their non-slip backs help keep them safely in place! Set of 2 non-slip mats includes 15" L x 22 3/4" W and 19" L x 30 3/4" W. 60% polyester/40% TPR. Machine wash. By OakRidge™.
  • 60% polyester/40% TPR
  • Set of 2 non-slip mats includes 15" long x 22 3/4" wide and 19" long x 30 3/4" wide
  • Plush, absorbent design insulates feet from cold, hard floors
  • Non-slip backs help prevent dangerous falls
  • Machine wash
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