Bra Hanger


Store bras while protecting them from crushing and wear. This space-saving bra hanger organizer lets you hang 8 bras in a minimal space. The upturned ends of the hanging underwear organizer ensure lingerie stays in place and soft endcaps provide snag-proof use. Also great for hanging strappy dresses, tank tops, camisoles, swimsuits and more. An integrated hook allows for easy placement over a closet rod. Chrome-finished iron that won't bend like plastic hangers. 12" x 20".
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Store bras while protecting them from crushing
  • Hangs 8 bras in a minimal space
  • Upturned ends ensures lingerie stays in place
  • Soft endcaps provide snag-proof use
  • Chrome-finished iron
  • 12" x 20"
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