Brain Games® Dot-to-Dot Mini Book


With over 165 dot-to-dot puzzles, the travel-sized Brain Games® Dot-to-Dot Mini Book will keep your brain engaged and your cognitive wheels turning. This softcover dot-to-dot book is a great way to wind down after your busy day or to stay entertained when waiting for appointments — all while employing problem-solving skills that help keep your brain sharp. Featuring a wide range of subjects like animals, people, landscapes and more, you’ll reach for this dot-to-dot book over and over again.When you’ve solved a dot-to-dot puzzle, color it in to work those fine motor skills. The spiral binding allows this book to lie flat during use and its 7 ¼” high x 5 ½” size makes it easy to add to a briefcase, handbag or backpack so you can always have it on hand.
  • 165+ dot-to-dot challenging puzzles help keep your brain fit
  • Watch pictures come to life as you connect the dots
  • Includes images of people, pets, landscapes and more
  • Perfectly sized to fit in your handbag, carry-on or briefcase
  • Softcover dot-to-dot mini book includes 256 pages with answer key in back
  • Spiralbound book measures 7 1/4" x 5 1/2"
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