Brain Games® Sticker by Number™ Halloween Trick or Treat


This spooky activity book is a great way to celebrate Halloween without the candy! Brain Games® Sticker by Number™ Halloween Trick or Treat makes it so fun and easy to create colorful Halloween-themed masterpieces. The sticker book features 10 images, each divided into dozens of spaces, all numbered to correspond to a sticker. Simply find each sticker and apply to create a full-color image. Spiral binding and perforated pages make the sticker-by-number book easy and enjoyable to use. Images range in difficulty and are geared toward kids, but adults and teens love it too for meditation and relaxation. 52 pages. 8 7/8” x 10”.
  • Brain Games book measures 8 7/8” x 10”
  • Contains 52 pages and 10 images to create
  • Spiral binding makes it simple to use anywhere
  • Perforated pages allow for easy removal of your completed images
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