Buster Brown® Ankle Socks, 3 Pairs


Hard-to-find quality cotton ankle socks. From Buster Brown®, a trusted name in legwear for generations, these anklet socks for everyday wear are pure cotton and non-elastic for supreme comfort. Seamless design won’t rub or bind. Specify size: SM. (fits shoe size 5-7), MED. (fits 7 1/2 - 9) or LG. (fits 9 1/2 - 10 1/2). 3 pairs of Buster Brown® ankle socks, all one color.
Note: ankle socks run large and will shrink after laundering.
  • 100% cotton with no elastic
  • 3-pair packages contain one color per pack
  • Three colors available: White, Black or Navy
  • Machine wash
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