Butterfly Coir Welcome Mat


Charm your guests with this stylish Butterfly Coir Welcome Mat! Coir door mat features "Welcome to our home" in elegant script, accented with pink roses and a monarch butterfly. Made with natural coconut fibers, this non-shedding coir mat is great indoors or out, with a 5/8" pile that acts like a shoe brush to keep dirt and debris out of your home. Easy care too; simply shake to clean. 18" x 30". Made with 80% coir/20% PVC.
  • 80% coir/20% PVC
  • 18" x 30" overall
  • Non-shedding door mat is ideal for indoor/outdoor use
  • Coconut fibers form a 5/8" pile that stops dirt and debris from entering your home
  • Simply shake to clean
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