Cane Bed Rail



Sometimes you need a helping hand getting in and out of bed, and our Cane Bed Rail provides just that. This unique cane-style bed rail is there when you need it with durable, comfortable bed-assist support that allows you to both get in and out of bed a little easier. It is a perfect tool for those who have weakness, who are a bit unsteady and/or who suffer from limited mobility.

Boost yourself up safely with this unique bed rail, which is fully adjustable from 14 15/16” high to 21 ¼” high. A soft foam hand grip is gentle on your hands. It is light yet durable, weighing in at a mere 7.5 lbs., and is made from hefty metal. To use this easy-to-install cane rail, slide the rail between the mattress and box spring (or bed frame). Some simple assembly is required. Shop this and other helpful mobility aids, supports and bed assist accessories at Walter Drake, your trusted source for tough-to-find products that make your life better — and safer.

  • Bed assist handle works with most bed types
  • Foam hand grips
  • Weighs 7.5 lbs.
  • Height adjustable 14 15/16"-21 1/4"
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