Cedar Balls, Set of 40 by OakRidge™


Place these naturalCedar Balls by OakRidge™ anywhere you want a fresh, outdoorsy scent. With this deluxe set of 40, there are plenty for drawers, shoes, purses, luggage, shelves, cabinets, and anywhere in your home or vehicle. Used by generations to protect clothing and keepsakes from odors, moths and other insects, aromatic cedar balls absorb moisture to keep areas fresh. This all-natural insect and moth deterrent is effective on many types of moths, carpet beetles, silverfish, and other insects that munch on wool and other fabrics. Set of 40, each 3/4" dia. Imported.
  • Made from genuine cedar
  • Set of 40
  • 3/4" dia. each
  • Protects clothing from moths and other insects
  • Helps absorbs moisture to keep clothing fresh
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